Panchkarma Ayurvedic Therapy

What is Ayurveda ?

The Ayurveda is an ancient form of science which originated in India around 5000 years ago. The word Ayurved made by two words , Ayu (आयु:) means life and veda means Knowledge or science. Ayurveda is not only limited with medicines and therapies but it’s way of living life.It is an holistic approach towards health that is designed for helping people to leave healthy and balanced life.Rig-veda the Indias ancient philosophical text describe the Ayurveda with great details in its verses.The founder of Rig-Veda is Anonymous. The sages of ancient time had deep knowledge about human health and well being they give their contribution in Ayurveda during their life span. Sage Charak & Sage Maharshi Shushruta are greatest contributor in Ayurveda. The Sage Charak was wandering physician in that time.He is compiler of the ” Charak Samhita” & The Sage Maharshi Shushruta is known as “father of surgery“.He is the author of “Sushruta Samhita” .The Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita are the fundamental texts of Ayurveda. Ayurveda resolve the concept of Panchmahabhut (five element) the five element namely as ,

  • Earth (Prithvi)
  • Water (Jal)
  • Fire (Agni)
  • Air (Vayu)
  • Ether (Akash)

That goes to make three physical energy (Tridosha) Vata , Pitta and Kapha and three mental energies (Gunas) Satva , Rajas & Tamas.On this basic factor we decide the nature (Prakruti) of person.

The aim of Ayurveda is ,

” प्रयोजनं चास्य (आयुर्वदस्य) स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षण आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं च |”(च.सू (१/४२)

It means to maintain health of healthy and to cure disease of diseased.

Mainly two types of Therapies are used in Ayurveda.

1) Shodhna Chikitsa (Purification therapy) : The main aim is to eliminate the vitiated dosha from body which cause disease.This therapy removes the ama (toxin) and balance the body. This is superior therapy in Ayurveda because it removes cause of disease.Panchkarma comes under the Shodhna therapy.

2) Shamana Chikitsa (Palliative Therapy ): This therapy used to palliate symptoms of disease .In this Ayurveda medicine are used to reduce or eliminating the symptoms of disease .This therapy comes after shodhna.

What is Panchkarma ?

Panchkarma is an Ayurvedic therapy used for detoxification and rejuvenation of body. Panchkarma include five (panch) procedure (karma) used to removing Ama (toxin) from body.Panchkarma use to cleaning and detoxification of body .Ama toxin is the main cause of many disease .Panchakarma designed to expale the toxin out of body .Panchkarma is 3 stage procedure in which five procedure are prime.3 stages of Panchakarma therapy is mention as below.

  1. Poorva Karma. ( Preparation Procedure)
  2. Pradhan Karma. ( Panchkarma Procedure)
  3. Pashchaath karma.(Post treatment procedure)

1. Poorva Karma (Preparation Procedure)

Before the actual process of Panchkarma body needs to prepare for that due to this Ayurveda prescribe poorvkarma.Poorva means before and karma means procedure.Poorvakarma facilitate the body for panchkarma.poorvakarma include below procedure

  1. Pachana (Ama Pachana & Deepana medicines like Shunthi Kwatha may be given)
  2. Snehana (Oleation)
  3. Swedana (Sudation)

2. Pradhan karma ( Panchkarma) :

1)Vamana Karma (Emesis therapy) : This procedure helps to remove excess of kapha.Vamana is effortlessl procedure for removing toxin from katha zone.Vamana mostly not for everyone it is usually for kaph related disorder include Asthama,allergies,chronic cold, diabetes, rheumatic disorder ,skin diseases.After vamana therapist suggest to rest for day and avoiding physical activity for day.

2) Virechana Karma (Purgative Therapy) : Virechana is a purgative treatment therapy that cleanses the small intestine, liver and gall bladder in the mid-zone of the body. It works in a downward direction to eliminate ama and excess pitta in the form of acidic secretions. Since pitta has a close connection with the blood, it also helps remove waste matter and toxicity from the blood.This therapy useful in pitta related disorder, Jaundice,skin rashes ,chronic headache & nausea.After the successful virechana therapy person feel fresh & normalize pitta.

3) Basti karma (Enema Therapy ): Basti karma is an most powerful among the five main procedure.Fifty percent effect of panchkarma comes from basti karma.Vata is cause for many disease,Vata is mainly located in large intestine and bone tissue (Asthi Dhatu) . Ayurvedic Basti involves the introduction of herbal concoctions of sesame oil, and certain herbal preparations in a liquid medium into the rectum.Basti therapy helps to normalize vata dosha and most effective treatment for disorders arising from abnormal vata. This includes chronic constipation, low back pain, sciatica, rheumatism, gout, arthritis; and various neuromuscular disorders, such as paraplegia, hemiplegia, poliomyelitis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease.

4) Nasya Karma ( Nasal Medication) :Ayurveda says the nose is doorway of brain.Nasya therapy is an easiest therapy in panchkarma.It includes the medicated oil introduce into the nose .Nasya removes ama and toxins from the nose, larynx, pharynx, mouth, para-nasal sinuses, ears and eyes.Nasya rejuniate brain functioning.Nasya use to helps in sinus congestion, common cold,chronic sinusitis, allergies and allergic rhinitis. It relieves chronic vascular headachesand migraine.

5) Raktmokshana Karma (Blood cleansing therapy ): The raktmokshana is an therapeutic withdrawal of blood from body .It’s an fifth and major procedure in panchkarma .This therapy comes under surgery part of Ayurveda in this impure blood suck by using different method but applying leaches on affected part is famous method.Raktamokshana use to treats blood-related diseases, including many types of skin disease: chronic itching, eczema,urticaria, rashes, and leukoderma. Its also useful to treat some types of headaches and hyperten­sion.

3. Paschaat Karma (Post Treatment Procedure)

Panchkarma is just like surgery where pre surgery precautions and post surgery precautions are very necessary .After Panchakarma reestablishment of body function and immunity system is necessary .If we denied the paschaat karma then digestive system does not become normal.Weak digestive genarate new ama,tissues contnuesly receiving toxin rather than nutrition.So after panchakarma it’s very necessary to follow paschaat karma .Main aspect of panchayat karma is Samsarjana karma and Rasayana.

Samsarjana Karma : In this karma Ayurveda provides the healthy guided diet.That helps to rebuild body function with higher efficiency that hadn’t before.After following the dieting plan and healthy lifestyle for some days body comes at normal level with new refreshed , energetic ,healthy form .

Rsayana (Rejuvenation) karma : This is not directly the part of the panchkarma but it’s separate form in Ayurveda. Its doesn’t effective without panchkarma because Rsayana include The rasayna includes the highly purified herbal liquids that need higher digestive capacity and imbalanced body barriers to deliver this substances to dhatus.So this karma achieve it’s effectiveness after panchakarma.

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