OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Continuous uncontrollable provoking thoughts (Obsession) that leads to repetitive rituals (Compulsion).OCD is a neuropsychiatric mental disorder. 2.3% of words population suffering form this.10 million new case registered every year in india . Continuous unwanted thought obsess to do repeated some rituals.Person with ocd mostly washing their hands repeatedly in the fear of germs, after locked the door or gate they checked it again and again , person repeated some sentence, rearrange things at home reportedly , everyday touch to the tree ,pole or something on the route of office or school.sometimes person try to do small thing perfectly like cutting the grass in perfect length , arranging book shelter perfect way, do the hairstyleas perfect as they want.Person with OCD never live peacefully, his/her mind always disturbing due to obsessive thoughts.

Obsessions Types.

  • Fear of germs over the body,fear of illness
  • Excessive worry about losing job , health , pride ,money
  • Disturbing thoughts about death of loved ones or harm of loved ones and ourselves.
  • Fear about religious rituals
  • sexual obession
  • Obsession of appearance
  • Obsession of being perfectly done of everything.

Compulsion Types.

  • Repetavly washing hand and bathing due to fear of germ contamination
  • Repetavly rearranging and sorting the things in specific order .
  • Repetavily checking the things like Door lock, lights ,
  • Try to avoide the situation that urges the obsession and anxiety.

Cause .

Genetic cause, researcher found that if parents have have ocd then their children’s have high risk of developing ocd in them.
OCD is mental disorder human brain is working like processor.diffrent part of brain playing different role.one part of brain responsible for to take data coming from sensation and managing them another part is responsible for creating and manage the emotion .

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In the case of OCD brain the orbifrontal cortex and basal gangila those working for communication purpose are disturbed.Brain making mistakes.The orbitofrontal cortex mainly work for to collect information from the our sense and using that information for making desicion and result of that desicion is our choices of life.In OCD case this region is hypersensitive and found the some danger that not exist in reality.

The basal ganglia manage the movement and thoughts and act wisely and controls the anxious thought.In OCD case basal ganglia failes to manage the information of dangeours that wrongly transfer by orbitofrontal cortex, that makes the person more disturbed ,obsess by his/her own thoughts.


Doctors or therapist ask some specific questions about persons obsession and compulsion and conclude on the basis of information.
Today’s world is more info-tech world where some people self daignsosed themselves by using the information from internet, But till there is huge amount of people all over world they didn’t aware about their OCD and suffering badly with this.


There are number of medication approved by the FDA patient can take this medication under Psychiatrist treatment.Medication help for increasing the serotonin in mind . Antidepressants medication also give to the patient to decrease the symptoms of anxiety.

By using therapy patient can be cure from OCD.Therapist could use any therapy among the number of therapy working on OCD.

  • Congnetive behavior therapy (OCD)
  • Rational emotive behaviour therapy.(REBT)
  • Exposure and responce prevention therapy .(ERP)
  • Group therapy.

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