Corona Virus Desease (Covide19)

Corona virus (Covide 19) is an infectious disease .This desease started from December 19 in Wuhan China.after that this virus spread all over world.Now this is pandemic.More than 9,202,605 people infected by this virus and more than 474,668 people died till date.After infection maximum 14-18 need for showing symptoms in person, this time is whary from person to person due to immunity system.Some symptoms like Fever ,cough ,problem in breathing ,lost of smelling capacity and lost tatse are commonly seeing in patient.Some patient are asymptomatic but silent career of virus.Virus spread through close contact with infectious person, droplets.We should avoid public places ,travelling.Using face mask ,face shield ,social distancing are the good way to break the chain of spreading.

There is no vaccine for corona available till date in world.Scientiest from whole world working on vaccine in labs.some countries claimed that they found vaccine but still date no proper evidence and output yet.The world literally changed after corona. In India this virus spread very rapidly whole country. Government announced lockdown in whole country in March but still it can’t stop spread of this. Public health and life totally disturbed. Recession araised hugely in country. People suffering through faincial crisis. After that government unlock the things slowly and rate of spreading is also increase with unlock.

Glenmark pharma found Fabiflue tablet and with that ray of hope arised. Upcoming days there may be strongly possibilities of vaccine from pharma companies.
Cause : close contact with positive person, scientist claim that around 10feet virus can spread through sneezing.
Symptoms: Fever , cough, problem for breathing ,loss of smell , loss of tatse , fatigue .
Daignosis : Through Swab test and blood test we can dognosed.
Prevention: We can prevent ourselves by avoid public contact, using face mask and hand gloves, Time to time washing hands by sanitizer or soup .Increasing imunity.

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